Monday, February 17, 2020

Birthday Girl Donates Gifts for Christmas


Thanks to some thoughtful people, families who visit the soup kitchen were able to bring toys home to put under their Christmas trees. There were also some 30 children who got presents from Santa himself when he visited the soup kitchen Dec. 23.

Among those thoughtful donors were Katherine Divine, the Remsen VFW, and anonymous givers such as the man who showed up at the last minute with three sacks of gifts just when toys were running short.

Katherine's donation was special. She is 10 years old. Her birthday falls close to Christmas, which means she usually gets a lot of presents. She told her parents she wanted to celebrate her birthday by giving away her gifts. She chose Mother Marianne’s West Side Kitchen.

Katherine came with her parents, Charlie and Sue, and brother, Leeds, to drop off the gifts, as well as get a tour of the soup kitchen and church.

“She wanted those less fortunate children to have a nice gift for Christmas,” Kitchen Director Ed Morgan noted.
The Divine Family
Katherine with her dad, mom and brother -- and donated gifts 
at the soup kitchen. Photos by Edward Morgan.