Monday, December 22, 2008

You Won't Be Alone

"People ask me how we got the idea to start a soup kitchen," Deacon Gil Nadeau told the congregation at the weekend Masses.

"It was through prayer."

In praying, in communicating with God, "we received a call to come down off the mountain" and take action. "You responded with your support. You responded with your donations..."

"A few days ago we surpassed 15,000 meals served, and that's just in the first nine months of operation. I thank you for that, for making it possible..."

"Jesus commanded, feed my people. We all responded."

Deacon Gil noted that the soup kitchen would be open on Christmas Day, serving a turkey dinner.

Everyone is invited, he said. Hungry neighbors. Senior citizens. Anyone who may be alone this Christmas.

You won't be alone at Mother Marianne's West Side Kitchen.