Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Blessing

Some 185 people celebrated Christmas at the soup kitchen Thursday. The hungry. Those alone for the holiday. And volunteers full of Christmas cheer.

It was a record number, and a huge jump over the 100 people who enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner there.

Not only did they enjoy a Christmas menu of turkey, stuffing, yams, squash, salads, rolls, pies and candy cane, but they also were treated to gifts left by Santa's helpers. Personal gifts for the men and women, and toys for some 20 kids.

"Everything went very smoothly and we had just the right amount of food," notes Deacon Gil Nadeau, soup kitchen director. In fact, "the food was great, and nice and hot."

He offers a "special THANK YOU" to the "small army of volunteers" who "kept things rolling along smoothly," who "cleaned up," and who helped make the "Christmas Dinner a total success."

Bob Oderkirk (the evening volunteer food preparation supervisor), Donna Nelson and Jeannette Williams, SFO, "did a magnificent job setting up and directing the 'action'," Deacon Gil notes. "Liz Droz added some nice menu items and really chipped in." And Marilyn and Dave Schwalbach "handed out a goodly portion of the over 200 toys we had displayed in the chapel."

It was a Christmas blessing. For everyone.